Structures and facade systems

At WIM we are engaged in the installation of aluminum façades, roofs made of different materials and the installation of various industrial and public buildings. Together with our partner companies, we can realize projects according to your own wishes.

We offer the following services:

Installation of steel structures and substructures,

Façade elements,

Roofs made of sheet metal and façade elements.

For the façade assembly projects, we are offering the following installation of façades:

Insulated and uninsulated façade,

Façade made of trapezoidal sheet metal and thermoelements,

Cassette façades,

Aluminum ventilated façade,

Façade systems from Eternit,

Kalzip facades.

Each project we receive is thoroughly reviewed, calculated and prepared. We make sure that our installers have all the necessary work equipment and machinery to successfully execute the projects.

Each project is unique and different in its own way, that is why we present new trends to our installers and properly educate and train them, so that we can confidently send them to each new project we sign on for.

Our installers have many years of experience in installation, especially when it comes to working at height. We can boast that we have successfully completed several difficult projects at height, the highest being around 50 meters high.


Our services are mainly performed in the industrial sector, where our primary activity is the assembly of industrial halls. However, we are pleased to have already received and successfully completed quality work on other public and business facilities, such as schools, car dealerships and libraries.
At WIM company, we strive for one goal to which our installers also commit. We all commit to ensure our clients’ long-term satisfaction through our daily work, as we consider it a safe basis for the success of both parties.

Since the founding, up until today, our company has successfully completed more than 350 projects. We are a company that is not afraid to take on new challenges. That is why we are the right address for those who like to step out of their comfort zone.
If you decide to choose our company for your next project, we can guarantee you a good price/performance ratio, quality work and timely execution of the project.