About us

We are a young and driven company, founded in 2016 in Bönen, Germany.

The company specializes in the installation of aluminum facades and roofs made of different materials, as well as various assemblies in the industry sector.

We can boast of a number of reference facilities that serve as good advertisement for our clients, old and new, who choose us because we keep up with new trends in our sector and are not afraid to take on new challenges.

We are distinguished by quality work and timely implementation of projects, which are carried out mainly in the industrial sector throughout Germany.

Our team consists of experienced executives and installers, as well as junior staff who are at the beginning of their careers. We are constantly training our staff to keep abreast of the latest technologies and to be competitive with other companies in our sector.

We own all the necessary equipment to perform the work professionally and we adhere to the principle of the company, which is to ensure the long-term satisfaction of our clients.


At WIM, we are very well aware of the importance of the security at work. That is why we always prioritize the safety of our installers and everyone else involved in the project.

As a company we follow the SCC** standard, for which we have been given the certificate. Our primary concern are our employees, as well as all the external workers of our partner companies that we partner up with.

For the safe management of various lifting aids (lifts, cranes…) and other means that we encounter on a construction site every day, we cooperate with accredited external companies, where our installers are trained in how to operate the machinery and also obtain a certificate.

At WIM we manage work processes through the ISO standard, which guarantees the quality of all involved in the projects.